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Dr. Brock Smith

Dr. Brock Smith is a professor of entrepreneurship and marketing, Winspear Scholar, and Entrepreneurship Area Champion at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. UVic’s entrepreneurship program has earned international awards for pedagogy and many of its graduates are leaders in entrepreneurial communities in British Columbia, Canada, and around the world. Winner of the 1992 Academy of Marketing Science Doctoral Dissertation Award, Dr. Smith has published more than 25 articles in leading management, entrepreneurship, and marketing journals He founded UVic’s Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (now the Coast Capital Innovation Centre)

Dr. Claudia Smith

Dr. Claudia Smith is a professor of entrepreneurship at UVic’s Gustavson School of Business She leverages her career in strategy and marketing with her PhD in Entrepreneurship to create classroom experiences for students that are on the leading edge of theory and practice. She strives to help her students find and fuel purpose, and have a meaningful impact. Her research in entrepreneurship continues to disrupt existing theories, offer new models, and provide practical relevance to entrepreneurs. Claudia also co-owns a consulting firm that provides strategic counsel to many private and public sector businesses. 

Linda Edworthy

Linda Edworthy is an instructor and Ph.D. student in Education at the University of Victoria, and an experienced middle school educator. Most recently, she has taught Project-Based Learning within a Personalizing Learning Institute. Linda’s area of research looks at the stories of adolescents about experiences of thriving, in or outside of school contexts.

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Due to the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation, the Kidovate market is being postponed to a later date in May or early June. There are an insufficient number of customers in The Bay Centre, hindering the primary goal of providing young entrepreneurs better access to customers than they could do on their own. When customers return to normal shopping activity, registered participants will be polled to determine what Kidovate market date works best for majority of people. Spring break is still a great time to Kidovate and make non-perishable items for when the Kidovate market is held.