About Kidovate

Many countries, including the USA, France, and Austria have made youth entrepreneurship a strategic priority because entrepreneurship is the economic engine that produces national wealth, prosperity, and quality of life. Entrepreneurs are change agents who identify and realize opportunities to create new value in business, government, social, and other organizational and new venture contexts. Deliberate practice is the best way to develop the skills and acumen needed for entrepreneurial success, and early entrepreneurial experiences are critical to developing the needed entrepreneurial mindset.

An entrepreneurial mindset provides youth with the skills to adapt to a changing world, helping them learn to take initiative, meet challenges, and become financially independent architects of their own future. These attributes are fundamental to positive mental health. Providing youth with a foundation for developing this mindset will help increase the number of successful adult entrepreneurs who will improve the lives of others through invention, innovation, initiative development, and other forms of value creation.

Kidovate Victoria is a fun, free, hands-on youth entrepreneurship initiative that uses a community partnership model to foster grassroots entrepreneurial spirit, develop core business acumen, and instill the concept of corporate social responsibility among middle school and high school students. Developed by the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, this initiative encourages students to make and sell products at a Kidovate market stall, or from their own stand, on Kidovate Market Day. In 2020 Kidovate Market Day is Saturday, April 4th.
The educational materials provided here are for teachers, home school parents, after school program coordinators, youth group leaders, and engaged parents who want to support youth in their entrepreneurial pursuits. They complement a graphic novel-style Kidovate workbook that walks youth through key business decisions associated with starting a micro business.