How much does the program cost?

Not a thing! Kidovate doesn’t charge a dime for our services. The only costs that are going to come with this program are what you choose to spend on your venture.

I’ve registered on the site… now what?

Kidovate is a self-directed program, unless teachers, parents, or youth group leaders decide to take it on as a teaching project. You have from the time you sign up until the time the marketplace is happening to build your product/service and get it ready to launch. For reference, we’ve put together this timeline!

What if my school doesn’t offer Kidovate in class?

No worries, you can work on the project at your own pace using the free Kidovate graphic novel workbook, and ask any questions you have to us or one of our awesome mentors!

When is the marketplace happening?

Kidovate’s real-life marketplace will be on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 and youth can sign up for sales shifts throughout the day. Each shift is expected to be a 2-hour block of time and entrepreneurs can sign up for multiple in the day if they expect they will need it.

Where is the marketplace happening?

Kidovate markets will be held at local malls; the number of markets and their locations will depend on the number of Kidovate participants. UVic students will generally monitor activity at the markets but a parent or guardian is expected to remain available during the sales shift(s) that their charge signs up for.

Could I lose money?

Yes, there is always some risk in entrepreneurship. Kidovate is designed to reduce some of that risk.  You should always make entrepreneurial decisions based on understanding the most you could lose if you don’t sell anything compared to the upside of the profit you could make if you sell everything you make.

Do I need a business license?

Yes, but the Mayors of Victoria, Saanich, and Oak Bay have developed a free one-day license for Kidovate participants.  Those municipalities are where organized Kidovate markets will be held. Licenses will be available to download in early March.